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New Specials for 2021!

Office Special

(based upon 3 vehicle minimum in same location)

Schedule me to come to your office or residence & receive special pricing*  **

As follows for FULL interior details:
(Full interior AND exterior detail for double these prices…a Great Deal!)

2 or 4 Dr Sedan (Leather Seats) — $70.00 + tax
2 or 4 Dr Sedan (Cloths Seats) — $85.00 + tax
SUV (Leather Seats) — $80.00 + tax
SUV (Cloth Seats) — $95.00 + tax
Minivan (Leather Seats) — $90.00 + tax
Minivan (Cloth Seats) — $105.00 + tax

*Final pricing subject to vehicle condition…additional cost for pet hair removal (interior) & water spot removal (exterior).
**Office Special pricing based upon 3)vehicle minimum in the same location.
Please call for scheduling & more info.

Watch my postings:

I typically post where I am going to be working the next day at around 4 PM on Facebook.

If you call as I’m in your area or would be passing through your area on my way home to Olympia that day there is a discount on full details. Yay! This is me trying to be environmental. Obviously, since I live in Olympia, scheduled appointments would NOT be counted for this discount.

Referral Reward Program:

Simply refer (5) full details my way & you earn a FREE full detail on your vehicle. Make sure your referrals tell me “WHO” referred the business to me so I can keep track to call YOU for your FREE detail. This Program is continuing  for 2020 & I send thank you cards with all this information & progress.

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